Our Service Offer


From the idea to the series production

Project Examples

A) Innovation- / project management

A customer has an innovative idea - to combine thermal insulation and lightweight. The basic concept is already protected by several international patents. We support that these ideas become reality. In the first step, we check whether and how the concept is feasible and what skills are necessary to implement prototypes and also series production. Then we get the missing but necessary specialists from our experts – pool to our team and we take in addition design and calculation, the coordination and implementation of the entire project.

B) Troubleshooting

Help! Quality of work falls while the customer requirements rise. A call on Friday afternoon. Customer of the caller - a US engineering group - shuts work down due to quality problems.

Two tasks to us:

  1. Within four weeks to get parts in top quality out of this factory and
  2. within 12 weeks to improve quality standards in this factory

At nr. 1 we have brought your own welders (supported by our Joinventure - network) to rework the complaints by specially own created work assignments. For the not yet finished parts we first checked the feasibility of the drawings and we adjusted them if necessary.

At nr. 2 the complete work was questioned, incl. present documents, work instructions, training, .... Subsequently, these documents were adapted, goods receipt inspection were introduced, subcontractors were scrutinized, the staff was brought up to date by own training program and FMEA respect. welding has been updated.

C) Development and manufacturing of aluminum structures

  • Dimensioning and design of the construction incl. Weld seams (Static / fatigue strength)
  • Production (material procurement, welding, quality control)

A customer fights in plant construction with "weight issues" - he would like to switch to aluminum, but he has no experience, both in design and in manufacturing. Fortunately for him that he has found us.
We could design the structure for the right request in aluminum, dimension the welds on both static and dynamic loading (fatigue), and also take over the production.
Our specialists in the production took care of the material procurement, trimming, welding and of later straightening to meet quality requirements.
In this case we were dealing with 20-30 mm thick walls, which were cut by water jet and preheated for welding in the oven.
At the end of the process the part was checked and an inspection report was created.

D) Support for certification according to DIN EN ISO 1090 and/or 3834

  • Is - Recording of your business (operations, quality - standard, documentation)
  • Creation / completion of the documentation (manual, forms, checklists, work instructions)

A medium-sized customer in the construction sector must be certified.
What is known is that a lot of "paperwork" and bureaucracy has to be done. This customer got "panic" attacks thinking about it.
For these tasks, we are the best partner because we come from the industry and we know the requirements and procedures of both the welding manufacturers and the audit bodies.
Thus, our goal is to find the happy middle course that is acceptable and also - "liveable" to all parties.

This is our top priority no. 1: to implement quality standards that are lived every day by the companies and that are not just degenerates to a "paperwork" who is revived shortly before the next audit.
Thus, we work with you to a comprehensive manual "just in case" and derive your most important form sheets and checklists that are considered for your processes as meaningful and important.
That means for our SME customers to inspect its operation to point out any weaknesses to complete one or the other document and to prepare a manual.
Then, the proposed procedure is tested at you in everyday life, discussed with all participants and reviewed and adjusted to have acceptance.
What is the benefit of best standard, if it bumps to rejection and "humbug" in the company.
If these loops are created, we support you in the auditing and of course beyond.

E) Support as external welding supervisor

  • Care / advice on welding issues on site.
  • Monitoring compliance with quality standards and applicable regulations.
  • Training of welding staff
  • Assistance in preparation of welding drawings.
  • Negotiations with subcontractors and customers.

A locksmith is looking for a suitable welding supervisor to take one or the other major "from time to time - projects". Here, too, our experts are available.
In this case, a customer received the request for the production of a large steel structure that requires a welding engineer.
For such cases, one of our experts will be recorded in the certificate as external welding supervisor and can monitor locally the welding execution on exceptional projects.