Our Support

Interim - Experts & Consultants on-site
Taking over of outsourced Projects

Areas of Application

You are at a dead end? You're up to your neck in work? The costs prohibit an in-house design? There are situations when help is required from the outside. From experts like us. How we assist you is entirely up to you.

As consultors we mainly focus on the "smaller" difficulties. With an independent view on the situation of the problem and constructive proposals for a solution.

As interim managers we can actively support you. We are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of measures. A highly efficient way to bring external expert knowledge into the company quickly and suited to your needs.

As an engineering office we take over subprojects or the complete process chain. Right up to the production. As project leader Dr. Allmeier is your single contractual partner and point of contact for the entire duration.

Who will benefit from INSTAL?

  • Companies with (time) critical projects, vacant positions or shortfalls in capacity and competence
  • Small companies and engineering offices lacking access to universities and research facilities
  • Building authorities and companies requiring support structure planning or rehabilitation of aluminium and steel constructions
  • Institutes anduniversity facilitiess looking for research and developement partners