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About us

Stefan Allmeier

INSTAL was founded in 2009 by the welding and aluminum expert Dr.-Ing. Stefan Allmeier. As a center of innovation and excellence INSTAL consolidates the existing expert knowledge and makes it available to interested companies as well as engineering offices and freelance specialists.

But INSTAL is not only active on the virtual sector. Contractors from automotive, solar energy, plant, machine and steel construction branches are supported by Dr. Allmeier and his team of highly competent and dedicated experts. Together they are proficient in the entire value added chain: From research and development via planning and optimization to prototype construction and series production. Special competences lie in welding technology, material science, simulation and computation, design (CAD) and quality management.

VITA Dr.-Ing. Stefan Allmeier

1993 - 1998 Alumnus of the TU Munich in construction engineering with a focus on steel and aluminium construction
1998 - 2001 Employe of a civil engineering office, with focus on steel construction
2001 - 2005

Employe of the R & D - department of SLV München

2001 - 2005 Doctorate in residual welding stress in aluminium constructions
2002 - 2003 Trainig as a welding engineer
Seit 2002 Lectureship at the SLV Munich "Computation of welded constructions"
2005 - 2011 Projectleader with an international automotive component supplier, Responsible for development and start of production  of  crash-management-systems
01/ 2012

Founding of  INSTAL Engineering GmbH

06/ 2012

Founding of the Welding Expert Network Joinventure GmbH & CoKg

11/ 2015

Founding of the Engineering-Portal